How it Works


We recommend date ideas after you match

We help newly matched couples go on great dates. There's been a persistent challenge in the dating industry for over 20 years: what happens after you match?

Recommendation Engines have finally reached the consumer market and we're now able to recommend unique date ideas personalized for each match based on:

  • interests
  • location 
  • local reviews
  • weather
  • time of day

For example: If you both have dogs and there's a highly rate dog park near you two, and the weather is going to be nice, we would recommend that date idea. Or let's say you've both shown interests in cinema, we help you book what she wants to see this weekend through Ticketmaster, capturing a 20% affiliate fee in the process.

Should you two meet up?

After interviewing and speaking with dozens of online daters in our target market of 35+ we found a massive pain point: meeting up with someone with low conversational-compatibility. You know what they look like, but when it comes to conversing, the sparks just don't fly. For this, we've partnered with Twilio for private in-app phone calls (VoIP). When this goes well, we serve up the date ideas.

Local Partnerships

As local businesses look to continue providing differentiating services, and the experience economy continues to grow, we form partnerships with local businesses to help them create tailored offerings for this market. 

For example: We've partnered with Sea-Angels, a local non-profit that helps keep the beaches clean in West Palm Beach. They've opened their doors to bringing in newly matched couples by making it easier to attend if you're being registered through 8dates.