The dating app space is broken. We're here to fix it because the love of your life is worth it.

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Should you two meet up?


Having a phone call with a match has been shown to be tremendously helpful. That's why we've partnered with Twilio to provide free voice calls.

Date ideas just for you


Studies show you have to actually meet in person to fully test your chemistry. We serve up great dates just for you two.

Long lasting relationships


For us, our job doesn't stop after you match. We're here to help make relationships that last.

Great love stories shouldn't just be in the movies.

Romance isn't nearly as good as it should be. Not one bit. Life is far too short for bad dating, even after you've found someone special.

Turns out there isn't algorithm for finding love. You actually have to meet them in person to test your chemistry. And once you've found your match, there's a whole lot more to keeping it vibrant.

Finding compatibility


Research shows that intuition can go a long way. Read more

Great first dates


A few simple tips can make first dates go smoothly for both parties, and enhance your odds of finding the love of your life.

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Making relationships last


Find out how to manage the ups and downs while keeping the spark alive. Read more